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February, 3. 2008
After a fantastic fall of 2007, ”A Killer Bargain” continues to impress the juries at upcomming new festivals:
At in Greece, the film has been selected for competition at the festival between 21-27 February. Good opportunity to meet some of the crew there. The Sarajevo Environmental Film Festival will be screening the film on March 8, 2008 from 16,00 to 23,00 hours. “A Killer Bargain” has been pre-selected  and will be awarded the “Silver Snowflake”.

The Ibiza Film Festival will take place form 23 until the 30 of May, presided by Terry Gilliam. ”A Killer Bargain” film will be screened on May 29. or 30. It’s a new and very dynamic festival, open to worldwide cinema. The crew will attend the The Ibiza Film Festival.

Finally, our film has been submittet to various other festivals, like EcoVision Festival in Italy and  EMOTION  in Greece.

September, 29. 2007
Today in Verona at the 59th Prix Italia "A Killer Bargain" won the prestigious Prix Italia TV Documentary price, the jury said:

"A Killer Bargain’ is powerful investigative journalism with a worldwide significance. A brave work which researches the way in which some big companies have goods cheaply produced in India but sold for large profits in European markets. The cost to many Indian factory workers and their communities includes pollution, illness and death. The programme proves its case in a compelling forensic narrative and challenges both globalised economic interests, as well as its viewers as consumers of cheap goods."