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  Photo: Nana Reimers

Tom Heinemann, 48 has been working as an independent investigative journalist
– and with his own production company - for more than 17 years.

1995-2004 he was an editorial member of the DR Documentary-group and Tom Heinemann has produced more than 20 radio-documentaries for National Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR).

In 2000 he received the ”Kryger” - price for outstanding and excellent journalism in National Danish Broadcasting Service, DR

He was runner-up for the 2005 prize as journalist of the year in Denmark for numerous articles on the disastrous environmental conditions at Danish pig-farms in the former Eastern Europe.

Tom Heinemann was awarded the “Bording-prize” for 2006 in competition with more than 230 magazines in Denmark on the same story.
The work resulted in TV-broadcasts and more than 120 articles in the largest Danish union magazine

In June 2006 he produced a documentary for National Danish Television (DR1) on the production and manufacturing of cotton in India.
“A Killer Bargain” has been shown three times in DR1, and on the premiere it gained a share of 30 % and a rating of 4,3.
First brodcasting at DR1, June 19. 2006. See more here:

The program has resulted in more than 300 articles in Danish medias as well as several European media has covered the story. Again, Tom Heinemann was a runner-up for the 2006 prize as the journalist of the year in Denmark. (Cavling Prisen)

“A Killer Bargain” has – so far – been sold for broadcasting in Sweden, Finland, France, Norway, Japan, Canada, Iceland and Al Jazeera.
It has also been sold for educational distribution in USA.

Tom Heinemann has written several books; reports and has been co-producing TV-documentaries for a number of years.

He is a member and trustee of the FUJ – Federation of Investigative Journalists in Denmark.